For website, media, and data work beyond the scope of our initial website offer, please contact us for more information, as Hirst Media LLC is in the process of finalizing the business partnership for a new business solutions company. There, we will offer website and data management packages for far cheaper rates than you'll find elsewhere. At least, that's what we've found so far through our own experience!

The name of our game is to help small businesses while keeping our solutions affordable, as opposed to charging as much as we possibly can. For that reason, we will also be working to deploy a variety of data management and analysis tools that we've identified the need for ourselves, but for which we have struggled to find affordable options. I mean, come on, these are the only options available for Power BI. Give me a break!


Power BI Pricing Model - What garbage!
What about the market they're missing in between $9.99/month and $4,995/month? You're telling me there's no middle ground?


In summary, we want to work and grow with you, while addressing a massive gap we see in the market: reasonably priced data software for small businesses. If you have any questions about what we can do for you, or have very specific data issues, please don't hesitate to ask. Chances are we can find a solution for you.

website builder

Website Building


Here's our offer: A flat rate to complete all of your website needs depending on workload. Additionally, we have monthly options for managing and making ongoing improvements to your site.


In 2019, if you're a small business owner without a website, you're likely losing out on a lot of customers. And in the least, you're not as visible to customers via search engines and GPS services as you would like.

Here's the thing about getting a quality site these days, though. You have to either:

A) Shell out $500-$1,500 for cheap labor, which could result in a less professional experience and not as good of a job done.

B) Spend between $2,000-$10,000 to work with a professional who leaves you with a highly technical site that will be difficult to manage on your own. That means you'll either have to pay them an ongoing retainer to manage your site monthly or become a coding wizard ASAP.


C) Take the time to build your own website, for which you'll have to pay for the website plan, domain name, and hosting anyway. You will need to learn more about your website builder of choice, as well as everything associated with making your site rank SEO-wise.

Sounds exhausting and expensive, huh? Well, what if there was another option?


Content Writing


Prices may vary depending on workload. For more information or to set up a free consultation, please reach out via or (972)-992-8682.


The content needs for business sites and social media accounts are virtually endless. That's ultimately why, in the world of bigger business, there are entire positions, if not departments, dedicated to developing online content and its associated strategy.

Where does that leave the small businessman?

Oftentimes, it leaves them wanting more for their online presence and digital content, but unable to do so because they lack the time, staff, or subject matter expertise required to get started.

We understand how such needs can spread small business owners thin, and we're here to help.

We can help take your content for websites, social media posts, blogs, newsletters, and emails to the next level, or work with you to build such content from the very beginning.

We have writing experience in the following areas: e-Content Writing, Newsletter Writing & Ghostwriting (financial, news, marketing, etc.), Social Media, Blog Writing, Briefs, Analysis, Creative Writing, News Reporting, Political & Election Coverage, Sports Reporting, Comedic/Satirical Journalism.


Feature Articles


Prices may vary depending on workload. For more information or to set up a free consultation, please reach out via or (972)-992-8682.


Keeping with the theme of establishing an online presence, we also offer news-style feature articles for businesses and individuals. Here, we want to tell your story in a format that you can proudly share on your websites, social media accounts, or even emails.

This idea came about on behalf of our founder's experience writing business, artist, celebrity, and other general features as a news reporter in Dallas.

Imagine your website or social media's About Me section taken to the next level, where we conduct an interview and take the time to write on you or your business just like a true news reporter would.

With one of our feature articles, you will forever have a nice piece of professional, biographical content to show others about you or your business.

And we realize "forever" rarely ever means forever, so we'll clarify. If you purchase a feature article from us before the end of 2020, we'll make updates to it free of charge through 2023.

Next Steps...

Interested in working with us? Please call Matt Hirst at (972)-992-8682, email at, or contact us via our Contact page!