Feature Articles

Is your life like a movie? Let's write the script and tell the story.

Hirst Media offers news-style feature articles for businesses and individuals.

Here, we want to tell your story in a format you can proudly share via your website, social media accounts, marketing campaigns, and everywhere else.

The inspiration for this service came from our founder's experience writing business features for Dendy Media (founded by Kyle Dendy - Website, Instagram), The Dallas Examiner, and Ramber Newspapers. In Matt's time as a news reporter in Dallas, Texas, he also wrote features for artists and celebrities.

Imagine your About page, taken to the next level.

First comes the interview, where we get to know you and your story. In our opinion, too much priority on speed in this realm leads to shitty work. Matt refuses to be a soulless content mill. Despite this, he understands the need for timely production. Just not at quality's expense.

Secondly, we get your feature article done, with no word count. We believe word counts are silly when there's story left to tell. Matt says it's about more than just the bottom line, although that may not be the best business practice. With that, we bill by the hour to ensure we cover our needs.

This practice was born of Matt's time spent doing better work than the pay per word he received at a younger age would ever cover. To cut a long story short, Matt won't abide by a word count until the story is told. Thanks to his quality of work, strangely enough, editors have been okay with that so far. We'll see how that fares... 😉

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Prices may vary depending on workload. For more information, please contact us!

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