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TMS Clinical Therapy

This is a site I built for TMS Clinical Therapy in Frisco, Texas. TMS Clinical Therapy is a provider of BrainsWay's Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy for those suffering from treatment-resistant depression and OCD.

TMS Clinical Therapy - Letter of Recommendation

Iron Monk Brewing Company

This website was one of my senior projects at Oklahoma State University. As part of the Management Information Systems major, we had to take a class for which the semester project was working with a real business to procure a website.

We chose to work with the local brewery because, well... BEER, baby! Okay, not really. I was still underage. But seriously, upon surveying local businesses that were lacking in the website department, we realized that Iron Monk Brewing Company was a great candidate. Furthermore, they were a relatively big name in Stillwater and new at the time (Spring, 2017).

My Blog

This is basically where it all began. I was a senior in college, freaking out in my final year at the realization that I wasn't all that fond of my Management Information Systems major. I reassessed my interests, made a New Year's Resolution, and started writing for a few different outlets. Then, I built this blog because I realized how beneficial having a writing portfolio would be.

In the time since starting this blog (sometime around January 2017), I've learned much about website building, writing, and what it takes to stand out online. My hope is that you'll help me do some of the same for you.