We want to tell your story. And potential customers want to hear it.

Have you ever researched a business or brand in hopes of finding a good reputation, only to come up empty-handed?

We'll address the elephant in the room. Do people feel that way about YOUR brand?

Let us help you tell your business's story today. We will work with you to learn about your business and turn that knowledge into a feature article you can share as part of your digital marketing presence.

Customers want to buy from businesses they can trust. How can they do that without knowing who you are?

Jake Tyler Jacobs - Business Feature portfolio example

We've written business features for print, news, and online media!

Firstwe conduct a news-style interview with you to learn about your life story and business, and what you had in mind for the focus of our feature.

Then, we transcribe the audio from our interview and identify the most compelling parts of your story before putting together your article.

It's really that easy! We get to know you, then tell your story, without getting in the way.


Our founder, Matt, liked the idea of approaching online business features in a similar way he did when writing for Rambler Newspapers and The Dallas Examiner - letting sources speak for themselves.

Sometimes, writers get in the way of the story. At Hirst Media, we like to use quotes, like a news reporter would, to provide a real, honest experience.

We're eager to tell your story, but sometimes our clients say things better than we ever could.

After all, what's more electric than a great quote?

Looking for a new challenge?

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